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Accuracy and Repeatability: An explanation

What’s the difference between accuracy, precision, and repeatability?

Distinction between these terms becomes very important when a specific target needs to be hit, over and over again.

When aiming for the target, an accurate shot is easily understood as a hit to the bulls-eye.

Repeatability, also called precision, is when the same spot on the target is hit again and again. If this spot is not the bulls-eye, the shots are highly repeatable, ie. consistent, but they’re not accurate!

Viska Systems are experts in specifying accuracy and repeatability for your application.With the continuing trend of miniaturisation across all areas of technology, increasingly smaller parts demand higher tolerances. Examples where this becomes critical include medical devices, like stents and catheters, also the tools and equipment used in the manufacture of electronic devices.

Care must be taken when specifying requirements for accuracy and repeatability so, if you have a high-accuracy manufacturing or measurement challenge, contact Viska Systems to help you hit the bulls-eye every time.