Assembly Inspection

Assembly Inspection

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Aerospace ,   Automotive ,   Electronics ,   Medical Devices ,  

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Automated Inspection ,   Smart Vision Sensors ,   3D Vision ,   Deep Learning ,  

To implement an automated quality inspection system for any manufacturer is a demanding task, however automating the inspection on complex assemblies brings a unique set of challenges. An assembly made have many inspection points in different locations and orientations in space, thus it is often necessary to either move a sensor relative to the assembly, or to move the assembly relative to the inspection system. An inspection system can comprise any type of instrument, from a vision system camera, to a gas analyser probe. The size of the assembly can often conclude whether it is the assembly or the sensor that is manipulated as part of inspection automation – a handheld electronic device is easier to manipulate than an aircraft engine for example.
Viska Systems are experts in the integration of motion and test technologies, such as machine vision. With our extensive experience in LabVIEW software development, we can create software to interface with almost any instrument and motion system to automate your inspection process.

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