Label Verification

Label Verification

Related Industries :  

Food and Beverange ,   Medical Devices ,   Pharmaceuticals ,  

Related Expertise/Technology :  

Smart Vision Sensors ,   Deep Learning ,  

There are several industries where verification of label contents is especially important – these include the medical device, pharmaceutical, and food & beverage industries. There are three main technologies leveraged for automated label verification: Optical Character Recognition (OCR), 1D/2D barcode reading, and recently, Deep Learning AI. Optical Character Recognition works on the basis of creating a library of characters that are matched in real time during image analysis. OCR uses classical rule-based image processing algorithms to achieve this. The latest development in this field is the use of Deep Learning techniques, to leverage the power of neural networks. The Deep Learning approach offers one significant advantage over classical OCR approaches – it can perform text reading tasks with human like perception. This allows for reading of lightly damaged or distorted labels – a task that classical OCR can struggle with.

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