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LabVIEW Refactoring

LabVIEW Refactoring = Re-writing prototyped LabVIEW code into a scalable, flexible, maintainable architecture that complies with NI LabVIEW coding standards.

Viska Systems are very familiar with the ‘real-life’ code that is developed and used on a daily basis. You start with some basic code or an example and add on an extra feature. You then realise you need another feature and another feature, until you end up with code that is not scalable, maintainable, or expandable for future needs.

It’s at this point that you ask yourself, how do I face re-writing all this code? How can I make it scalable, maintainable, modular, testable? By contacting Viska Systems! We can review existing solutions, and provide advice on where best to start, be it by reusing parts of the existing code, or completely re-architecting the solution from bottom up. We provide different options for each problem, looking at each application, starting from the basic requirements, and designing a solution that meets the customer’s needs, and complies in with LabVIEW best practice. Our team of Certified LabVIEW Architects & Developers have a combined experience of 20 years in writing clean, well architected LabVIEW code.