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Image Processing

Customised for Optimum Performance

Viska Systems offers custom image processing and analysis services designed to meet your various needs as our client. Image Processing basically involves a digital analysis of an image that enabled automation of some operations such as enhancing the image contrast, detecting edges, quantifying intensity, finding patterns, or extracting other useful information from it. We employ the use of machine vision software toolkits such as Cognex VisionPro, Cognex Designer, MVTEC Halcon, and the Vision Development Module from National Instruments to implement advanced solutions for image processing and analysis tasks.

Using Cognex VisionPro, we can perform various functions such as locating, inspecting, identifying, measuring, and aligning a geometric object. VisionPro allows us to set up and deploy vision applications, regardless of the camera you used to capture your images. VisionPro supports a wide range of image capture including analog, digital, monochrome, multiplexed, high resolution, multi-channel, line scan, and area scan.

VisionPro integrates with VisionPro ViDi via an Application Programming Interface (API) to deliver deep-learning-based image analysis features dedicated to industrial level. VisionPro ViDi solves complex applications that could otherwise be too difficult for traditional machine vision systems. With VisionPro ViDi, we can achieve tasks such as location and classification of image parts, complex inspection, and optical image recognition.

Cognex Designer software allows our technicians to quickly and efficiently build machine vision applications and utilize the powerful features of VisionPro toolkit library. With the access to VisionPro’s 2D and 3D vision tool libraries, we can speedily develop applications through drag-and-drop formats. Cognex Designer software configuration allows the use of interactive edit controls to set vision tool properties. Hence allowing us to add plug-ins for external hardware devices such as cameras, 3D sensors, and I/O devices. The second step is creating a professional runtime operator interface to monitor and control a vision application. The third step is to test various controls of the vision application such as I/O configuration, motion equipment, and factory floor communications. The application can then be installed on a vision controller or windows PC.

Just like VisionPro, the Cognex Designer software can integrate with ViDi deep-learning-based image analysis that includes capabilities such as complex image inspection and challenging optical character recognition. Cognex Designer software allows the addition of robust vision software on any industrial camera or frame grabber. The software supports all types of image capture, plus hundreds of industrial cameras and video formats.

National Instuments Vision Development Module is used in configuration of cameras and customization of image analysis. To help us in delivering image processing services, the module comes with hundreds of algorithms including morphologies, pattern matching, filters, and classification. With Vision Development Module, we can harness the power of graphical programming to meet various challenges in developing and deploying machine vision applications. This solution integrates seamlessly with NI LabVIEW, offering high stability and customised systems with a fast development pace.

Halcon allows us to develop machine vision applications to serve various purposes. It has an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) called HDevelop that enables major cost savings and a quick app development time. It has support for multi-core platforms, special instruction sets and GPU acceleration. Halcon libraries are used in thousands of installations of imaging related applications such as blob analysis, morphology, measuring, and identification. Halcon software supports many operating systems and provides interfaces to hundreds of industrial cameras and frame grabbers, and is also suited for deployment on embedded systems and 3D applications.